Akoustic Arts directional sound speaker for automotive and smart cities

IMAGINE A SPEAKER that only you can hear, even if there are a bunch of other people in the room. The Akoustic Arts “A” speaker is uni-directional, and it can purportedly blast sound directly into your ears from across the room without anyone else hearing it. It’s really made to provide an experience closer to a pair of headphones than other desktop speaker. There are piles and piles of Bluetooth speakers currently on store shelves, so it’s nice to see something different.

Imagine beaming ADAS informations to car driver only

Imagine the driver being the only one to hear the navigator’s voice, without awaking children fast asleep…

Imagine the driver being able to listen to his/her professional voicemail, while keeping messages confidential…

Imagine a car in which people can listen to music or watch their favorite movie without bothering other passengers…

The «A» creates a very targeted beam of sound: Inside the beam, you can listen to any audio content (music, voices, sound). Outside of the beam, there is no sound whatsoever

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