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25 Jul

Akoustic Arts directional sound speaker for automotive and smart cities

IMAGINE A SPEAKER that only you can hear, even if there are a bunch of other people in the room. The Akoustic Arts “A” speaker is uni-directional, and it can purportedly blast sound directly into your ears from acros..
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23 Dec

CES 2016 : Discover the ‘A’, a revolutionary directional sound speaker!!

After having introduced the prototype of the 'A' at CES 2015, Akoustic Arts is proud to present our very last version of this revolutionary directional sound speaker at CES 2016!..
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08 Oct

Akoustic Arts selected for the ALPHA class of Web Summit 2015 in Dublin!

Akoustic Arts has been selected by the ALPHA program among thousands of startup companies to present the 'A' at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin!..
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24 Sep

The “A” makes a stop at the Dubai Hotel Show!

After the Las Vegas CES, after the AWE at Santa Clara, and after the International Paris Air Show, our incredible directional speaker 'A' makes a stop this month at the Dubai Hotel Show!..
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10 Sep

Arts Akoustic wins best start-up awards at Laval Virtual Days

Akoustic participated in Arts (from 8 to 12 April) at the 17th edition of Laval Virtual Day directional speaker to present his "A". We are delighted to announce that Arts Akoustic received the award for best start-up o..