CC4Skype launches email routing feature

The Dutch brand leader in Contact Center Solutions for Skype for Business, has introduced new email features at Gitex (Dubai). As for all new features, it is already available for all CC4Skype customers. With the addition of superior fully blended email routing features based on Exchange Web Services (EWS) the solution is unique in the way it extensively handles and routes emails.   With CC4Skype, emails and voice calls are handled in the same client as the other digital channels. Agents can switch between interaction types without switching windows or applications, so agent efficiency is maximized. CC4Skype routes incoming emails according to the same skill based routing rules as used for incoming voice calls. When an agent is assigned to both call- end email queue’s, the administrator can set the priority rules, where voice media takes priority. When an email is offered, the agent has the choice to either reply (based on rich html), print, ignore (in which case the email is sent back to the queue) close or even blacklist the emails (in case of spam). The agent efficiency is further enhanced with email templates for quick and repeatable responses. The administrator can define which file types and how many attachments are allowed, both for incoming and outgoing emails. The software also provides an abundance of real time and historical reporting, such as the number of waiting and handled emails, the longest waiting email and the average waiting -, handling or answer time.   GertJan Coolen, CTO of CC4Skype says: “With this email routing capability we take a next step with our solution in providing an intuitive Contact Center solution on top of Skype for Business. With the addition of our extended Social Media functionality next quarter, we will have the most complete, flexible and versatile offering in the Skype for Business Contact Center market. Our software is built with the agent’s efficiency in mind and we are convinced they will love the way we have implemented this new functionality.”