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08 Oct

Akoustic Arts selected for the ALPHA class of Web Summit 2015 in Dublin!

Akoustic Arts has been selected by the ALPHA program among thousands of startup companies to present the 'A' at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin!..
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05 Oct

3CX Crowned TMC’s Communications Solutions Product Of The Year

The 3CX Awards list is ever-growing. The latest addition is TMC's Communications Solutions Product of the Year 2015 Award...
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24 Sep

The “A” makes a stop at the Dubai Hotel Show!

After the Las Vegas CES, after the AWE at Santa Clara, and after the International Paris Air Show, our incredible directional speaker 'A' makes a stop this month at the Dubai Hotel Show!..
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17 Sep

Snom Annual Partner Event

For the seventh consecutive year Snom Technology AG invited all of its most important partners to an exclusive event in German capital Berlin. Guests from all over the world were granted a glimpse of Snom’s latest prod..
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10 Sep

Arts Akoustic wins best start-up awards at Laval Virtual Days

Akoustic participated in Arts (from 8 to 12 April) at the 17th edition of Laval Virtual Day directional speaker to present his "A". We are delighted to announce that Arts Akoustic received the award for best start-up o..
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18 Aug

Fanvil C400 / C600 Smart Video IP Phone with revolutionary design and compact appearance

C400/ C600 are built with the latest Freescale Core Quad solutions, 7” Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen, Video Camera (C600), and Android 4.2 platform. A desktop phone, unlike a traditional IP Phone, offers One-Touch Ca..
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09 Aug

Ferrari electronic – OfficeMaster SIP2Lync closes the gap!

Transform any SIP/Analogue phone into a fully-fledged Microsoft Lync endpoint. With OfficeMaster SIP2Lync, Ferrari electronic offers a software solution to make it possible to use third-party phone devices as full-fledg..
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06 Aug

New Omega design for Busylight!

The Busylight UC Omega is designed for cubicle environments etc. that need an extra-large light. Now Kuando Busylight has a product for every workspace and all user groups...
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04 Aug

Patton’s New-Generation VoIP CPE Tested with BroadSoft’s BroadWorks

For telecoms that choose Patton’s new-generation SmartNode E-SBCs as customer-premise equipment, the BroadSoft interop validation offers assurance of trouble-free deployment and operation of BroadWorks...
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30 Jul

3CX Phone System v14 Release Candidate

Just weeks after releasing the BETA of 3CX Phone System v14, we already got the Release Candidate ready for you to start trying out. Our team has been working around the clock to get this release out to you as soon as po..