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12 Apr

Certification of Cisco new SIP phones series with Centile Cloud PBX ISTRA platform

Centile Telecom Applications, leading European provider of Cloud Unified Communications and Fixed-Mobile convergence platforms to operators and integrators, and Cisco, worldwide technology leader, announce the certificat..
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11 Apr

Patton Electronics: End Of Sale Notice

Due to the fast evolvement of VoIP, routing, and SBC functionalities being developed by Patton for the SmartNode product line, more and more system memory is being used. To cope with the increased memory needs, accommoda..
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04 Apr

Successful CC4Skype Training

We recently held the successful CC4Skype training. The event held on March 28, 2017 at Sitec Dubai offices and on March 30, 2017 at Microsoft offices (Riyadh, KSA), have exceeded our expectation and our attendance f..
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02 Apr

Patton SmartNode 1K Certification

Be ready to converge with the SmartNode 1K technical certification course. Based on the SmartWare™ Release 5.X operating system, this course provides the in-depth knowledge you need to install..
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27 Mar

A Secure and Free PBX in your Cloud in Minutes: Hop-On the PBX Express

3CX, developer of the next generation software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces its latest product development. The release of PBX Express, which is a web-based wizard enabling users and resellers to easi..
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21 Mar

Sennheiser presents innovative communications solutions with “Sennheiser for Business“

At CeBIT 2017, Sennheiser introduces its new “Sennheiser for Business” portfolio which encompasses innovative solutions in four key areas. These are: Individual Communication; Meetings and Conferencing; Presentations..
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20 Mar

Patton Changes the Game for Power over Ethernet

System designers can use Patton’s CopperLink™ 1101 kits to position IP-enabled cameras, phones, lighting, digital signs, traffic devices… in previously un-reachable locations...
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16 Mar

NEW Kuando Busylight software release

We are pleased to announce the newest software release for the Busylight UC Alpha/Omega and the KuandoBOX! Plenom added several new features to enhance user experience and allow to configure Busylights to work the best f..
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08 Mar

SITEC To Distribute Bressner Technology

DUBAI, UAE and Munich, Germany: Bressner — with more than 100 years of combined experience in the telecom and IT business. Innovation has always been one of the most important competitive business advantages and since ..
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06 Mar

VoIP security recommendations for beroNet Gateways

Configuration options to change in your beroNet Gateway for better VoIP security: strong password, change ACL, SSH deactivated...