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Microsoft‘s “cloud first – mobile first” strategy is advancing noticeably. The features of Office 365 become more complete and the virtual workplace in the cloud takes shape.

While previously “only” e-mails, through Exchange Online, were hosted in the cloud, now the entire Office package is at home there. Microsoft‘s newest development is an entire in-cloud telephone system, which is realized through Skype for Business and a Cloud PBX license.

Could-PBX – PSTN from the Cloud

Completing the Office 365 portfolio, Skype for Business is being offered in the Microsoft Cloud. This is accomplished by Microsoft offering its own range of telephone numbers and thus acting as a telephone service provider.

This allows users to operate a telephone system in the cloud with Microsoft phone numbers and to use the telephone services that are offered through Skype for Business in the cloud.

Certainly this solution enables telephone calls within the cloud and to the public telephone system. However, there are limitations. Currently only two(!) existing devices can be used to establish a telephone connection. Additionally, extended services like faxing or connecting analogue and DECT devices are not possible.

More so, to ensure a good quality of speech in the cloud, “Expressroute” (which requires a fee) should be purchased.

Hybrid Voice – local PSTN

PSTN access locally via Skype for Business and gateway or via Session Border Controller.

Certainly these shortcomings can be circumvented or compensated. Winstallation voice data remain within the internal, high quality network and are not being routed through the cloud. This results in a much higher speech quality.

Additionally, local features like Response Group services, fax machines, analogue and DECT telephones can still be used.

The major disadvantage of this solution is the costs. Servers and licenses must be acquired and the systems must be administered locally. With this option users are positioned arbitrarily between the local installation and the cloud.

Hybrid Voice – Cloud Connector Edition

PSTN access locally via Cloud Connector Edition and gateway or (possibly virtual) Session Border Controller

For those who want to avoid the costs and charges of a local installation, Microsoft offers the new “Cloud Connector Edition”. It unites the advantages of both options and minimizes the disadvantages.

Local devices like fax servers and analogue telephones keep their availability through the gateway. At the same time the positive effect of the better local speech quality remains. The appliance with a system of prepared virtual machines realizes the connection between local interfaces and Skype for Business in the cloud, with the requirement of minimal investments. This formerly called “Minimal Topology” is nowadays known as “Cloud Connector Edition”. Compared to the previous version it has been refined and simplified.

Coexistence of PSTN and Cloud

The telephone access in the cloud can be combined with one of the two hybrid options. So different sites use different ways to connect to the telephone network.

Solution from Ferrari electronic AG

Ferrari electronic has fitting solutions for all scenarios. Via the Office 365 Connector of the OfficeMaster Suite 6 it is possible to completely move faxing, SMS and voicemail into the cloud – with all advantages that are known from the on premises world.

We have always been at home in the “hybrid voice” scenarios. Skype for Business on premise has always been possible with the Ferrari electronic gateways and Session Border Controllers. Ferrari electronic‘s virtual gateway is predestined for use in the Cloud Connector Edition and thus offers all mentioned advantages in the on premises and the cloud world.

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