Discover what’s new in 3CX’s Partner Program

The 3CX Partner Program has been designed with the reseller in mind. The aim of the program is to supply 3CX Partners with the tools required to sell, manage and deploy 3CX products. It’s very straightforward and incentivizing as well as rewarding.

By becoming a 3CX Partner the partner agrees to the 3CX Partner Agreement.

Every partner is entitled to free 3CX support, NFR keys and performance based margin. The size of the NFR keys and the margin varies according to the partner level.

Partner Levels

Partner Level Points / Quarter Requirements / Incentives
3CX Affiliate 0
  • Signed up for the 3CX Partner Program
  • NFR: 4SC Pro Edition
3CX Bronze Partner 2
  • Partner did the first licence sale
  • “Certified Engineer“
  • NFR: 8SC Pro Edition
3CX Silver Partner 4
  • “Certified Engineer“ and “Intermediate Certified“
  • Marketing Kit with back link to 3CX
  • Silver Website Listing
  • NFR: 8SC Pro Edition
3CX Gold Partner 8
  • “Certified Engineer“, “Intermediate Certified“ and “Advanced Certified“
  • Marketing Kit with back link to 3CX
  • Gold Website Listing
  • NFR: 16SC Pro Edition
3CX Platinum Partner 20
  • “Certified Engineer“, “Intermediate Certified“ and “Advanced Certified“
  • Marketing Kit with back link to 3CX
  • Focus on 3CX Products (no other PBXs)
  • Platinum Website Listing
  • NFR: 32SC Pro Edition

Points System

Points are given according to the sold licence size and the edition of 3CX Phone System:

Edition 4 & 8SC 16 & 32SC 64 & 128SC 256, 512 & 1024SC
PBX Edition 0.25
Standard 2 4 6 8
Pro 3 5 7 9
Enterprise 4 8 12 16
  • Edition and Version upgrades receive the same points as a new license.
  • No points for Maintenance, Support, Hotel Module, VAD and 1 month SPLA licenses.
  • Points are credited when a licence gets assigned to the partner account. Licences get automatically assigned when a partner activates a customer licence. Please note that the field “3CX Partner” in the activation screen of 3CX Phone System is filled in with the partner company name correctly.

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