Expansion Snom D7 with Skype for Business/Lync

Snom has released the D7 expansion module, which is compatible with Skype for Business & Lync.

The D7 expansion module features 18 multi-color LED keys which can be programmed with all functions available known from Snom phones.

The high-resolution display provides a perfect visual interface, which can be easily configured and labelled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself.

Using the D7 could not be easier: simply connect the USB cable and it is ready to use.

Three D7 expansion modules can be daisy-chained to add up to 54 function keys to your phone. The D7 is the perfect addition to any Snom 7-series desk phone.

Snom D7 Features:

  • Presence
  • Colors are clearly Red, Green & Yellow
  • 18 highly configurable self-labeling LED keys with color presence
  • High-resolution black & white display with backlight
  • USB pairing means very simple pairing process
  • Daisy chain up to 3 D7’s for total of 54 buttons
  • Plug and play
  • Power supplied by phone via USB port
  • Coming availability in grey and black

Compatible with All Snom 7X5-series

Compatible with All Snom 7XX-series

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