Experience Sennheiser: Headsets & Speakerphones for UC, office & Contact Center Professionals

How will you use your headset?


When you are not required to answer calls away from your workstation.


When you need to be able to handle calls while away from your desk – although you probably spend most of your time at your workstation.


When you’re on the road, with no dedicated office desk and find yourself hot-desking on your travels.

What device do you use?

You need your devices to work seamlessly with your headset. It’s that simple. Sennheiser headsets are designed to cover every possibility – check our headset compatibility guide at www.sennheiser.com/headsetcompatibility.


Connection via USB cable or USB dongle (Bluetooth®) to Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS

Desk phone

Connection via multiple types of cables

Mobile phone

Connection via Bluetooth® or 3.5 mm jack cable


Connection via Bluetooth®, 3.5 mm jack cable or USB depending on tablet.

How noisy is your workplace?

In a noisy environment, such as a contact center or open plan office, your choice of headset should be based as much on the quality of the microphone’s noise cancelling capabilities as its ability to let you hear your caller clearly. Voice clarity for your listener is an often overlooked consideration.

Low noise environment

Omni-directional microphone

Medium noise environment

Noise-cancelling microphone

High noise environment

Ultra noise-cancelling microphone

Single or double-sided?


Ideal for situations where you need to both hear your caller clearly, and pay attention to what’s going on around you.


Delivers calls in quality sound while reducing background noise – ideal for contact centers, where you need to focus solely on your caller.

Unified Communications

UC optimized

Products with this icon are optimized for major UC and softphone brands.

Certified for Skype for Business

Products with this icon are certified for Skype for Business.
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