Fanvil Introduces new Call Centre IP Phone X2

Fanvil’s new X2 Contact center phone will provide higher efficiency for Contact center users.

Fanvil Technology, a professional provider of IP communication solutions, today announced its new X2 IP telephone with elegant appearance and intelligent software suite enterprise market. The new X2 IP phone brings in brand new product concepts and strategies targeting broadening the deployment of IP phones.Fanvil upgrade entry level phone X2 to a colour screen, which will be the most economic choice for SMB office and enterprise supervisors.

Product appearance as important as its functionalities. X2S is positioning to be not only a telephone sitting on a user’s desktop for communication but also a nice artwork in your office.

X2 combine the advantages of existing enterprise phone UI design experience and the advantages of colour screen phone itself, not only the UI appearance but also operating experience will have qualitative leap.

Evolved from Fanvil’s C-series and existing X-series enterprise IP phones, X2 pushes its entry level cost-effective enterprise IP phone to another level. X2 inherits all enterprise features from Fanvil’s C-series and X-series enterprise phones, such as HD voice, headset, PoE, Fast Ethernet, QoS, secure transmission, auto-provisioning, and so on. What’s more, X2 add a colour screen, foot plate, EHS headset, Web Portal.

Fanvil X2 – Datasheet Fanvil X2 – Datasheet

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