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Currently, all industries highly value security measurements within their compounds.
The implementation of an access control solution is a primary key for them. Apart from audio, they need to support video as well.

Implemented in a Unified Communications solution, video intercom systems provide a flexible usage. Ideally, employees may manage access without the necessity of a running a separate application or hardware.

Often voice and video are streamed using two separate lines, thus the most commonly used video intercom systems are not compatible with modern UC solutions. OfficeMaster Entry-Control provides a single stream that contains audio and video from door intercom systems and cameras respectively. This stream is forwarded as a video call to the workstation We offer two variants of EntryControl, each of which being distinguished by technical specifications as well as planned usage.

EntryControl for Skype for Business

This variant is particularly compelling for customers who want to have access to a video live stream prior accepting the call. By choice, a group of users can have access to the same video stream. Once a user answers the call, the video stream and call notification disappears for the others.

The EntryControl workflow starts with a push on the “bell”-button of the door intercom device. This establishes a call to users who have been authorised to answer these calls and a popup window notifies them. Within the EntryControl interface, the video stream is shown to the user and has the option to either accept the call, decline the call or simply open the door without talking.

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