New OfficeMaster Suite 6 with O365 Connector

Ferrari electronic, a leading manufacturer of Unified Communications solutions, presents the new OfficeMaster Suite 6, specifically optimized for Cloud deployments.

OfficeMaster Suite 6 can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures and, if desired, migrated to All-IP without replacing the devices. A full integration into the Cloud, voicemail included, distinguishes the new major release. Thanks to a completely unique technique, fax transmission in the Cloud is now offering maximum security.

With OfficeMaster Suite 6, companies gain the greatest possible safety and increased protection of investment for their existing infrastructure and are therefore well prepared for the future of communication.

OfficeMaster Suite 6 is characterized by a complete Cloud integration and for the first time, secure faxing in the Microsoft Cloud is possible due to the new Office 365 connector. The new version offers numerous extensions and new features, the most important are:

  • Complete integration in the Microsoft Cloud: OfficeMaster Suite 6 is compatible with Exchange 2016 and fully integrates into Microsoft Office 365: The first secure Business-Fax-solution for the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Voicemail in the Cloud: Voicemail also moves into the Cloud, with remote access, completely independent from the PBX.
  • Integration into existing infrastructures: OfficeMaster Suite 6, like every Ferrari electronic product, stands for protection of investment and outstanding innovative security. Existing IP trunks as well as telephone systems can smoothly connect. The end of ISDN can therefore be met with confidence.
  • Innovative user interface: The Webclient of OfficeMaster Suite 6 was completely redesigned and convinces with its user-friendliness.
  • More security: The new business solution protects your fax transmission in the Cloud against attacks on incoming SMTP connections.
  • Unified-Messaging-Integration for SAP: The SAP Connector was completely revised in the new version.

Business communication in the Cloud: The Office 365 Connector

The Office 365 Connector offers complete integration, as known from the On-Premises version. Therefore OfficeMaster Suite 6 provides the familiar functions like fax transmission and fax reception in Outlook in conjunction with mail accounts in the Microsoft Cloud. A newly developed integration into Office 365 without SMTP usage does not require any kind of incoming connections. Thus eliminating all safety risks as external points of attack are non-existent.

Full support for current versions of Exchange and Office

OfficeMaster Suite 6 is especially suitable for the use with Exchange 2016 and Office 2016. Compared with previous versions, it offers a new look and feel and additional benefits like: easy installation, optimized work flows for more efficiency and resulting saving potentials.

Always the right solution from Ferrari electronic

Ferrari electronic enables its customers to use UC solutions that fit with their individual requirements: only in the Cloud, hybrid – partly out of a data center and partly out of the Cloud or entirely On Premises. That way Skype for Business can be integrated out of the Cloud or On Premises by using Media-Gateways or Session Border Controller from Ferrari electronic. On Premise, routing telephone calls over the Cloud is unnecessary and further maintaining a better voice quality.

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