Patton Electronics: End Of Sale Notice

Due to the fast evolvement of VoIP, routing, and SBC functionalities being developed by Patton for the SmartNode product line, more and more system memory is being used. To cope with the increased memory needs, accommodating features being made available in the future, a bigger memory Flash chip is being added to all the products mentioned below.

This End-of-Sale (EOS) notice involves the Manufacture Discontinue (MD) of the Patton SmartNode SN4130, SN4170, SN5530, SN5570 BRI/PRI Gateway and eSBC.
These products are now officially “yellow” on the product availability schedule.

A fully equivalent and Hardware upgraded product line is available with the Patton SmartNode SN4131, SN4171, SN5531, SN5571 BRI/PRI Gateway and eSBC. A detailed list of the EOS and successor product SKUs affected is provided at the end of this notice.

End of Sale Notice SmartNode SN4130, SN4170, SN5530, SN5570icon indicates PDF file

On current orders, your sales representative will alert you that your orders are transitioned to the new devices with more memory.

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