Patton SmartNode 1K Certification – 17 September 2017

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Be ready to converge with the SmartNode 1K technical certification course. Based on the SmartWare™ Release 5.X operating system, this course provides the in-depth knowledge you need to install, configure and support the complete line of SmartNode™ 1k VoIP products for data, voice, and telephony applications. The course covers theory and implementation, including detailed training on SIP, TCP/IP, NAT, ACL, QOS, network planning, configuration, and troubleshooting. Hands-on activities cover network analysis, VoIP application assessment, and VoIP troubleshooting with live end-to-end calls with real SmartNode™ devices.

What will I learn?

The course covers VoIP network planning, installation, configuration and maintenance using Patton’s SmartNode™ leading-edge IP QoS Routers and VoIP Gateways. You will acquire the tools and know-how to successfully work with the SmartNode™ products with a minimal time investment. The course introduces the commercial and technical benefits of SmartNode™ VoIP in an efficient manner and friendly environment.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to install, configure and maintain the Patton SmartNode™ product line in order to implement and troubleshoot VoIP applications.

Daily Agenda:

Day 1

  • Overview, concepts and configuration basics
  • VoIP fundamentals and codec selection
  • VoIP Applications
  • Hardware and software features
  • Telnet, console, TFTP, SSH
  • General debug recommendations
  • Upgrading software and configurations
  • Basic network connectivity
  • Basic routing
  • DNS, DNS relay, and DynDNS
  • DHCP client and server

Day 2

  • Enhanced IP configuration and call routing
  • DHCP client and server
  • NAPT and ACL for security
  • Quality of service
  • Gateway SIP

Day 3

  • Context CS overview
  • Call router interfaces
  • Call routing and number manipulation
  • Enhanced call router and PSTN port configuration.
  • Certification
    • Call routing and number manipulation
    • Tone provisioning
    • Port configuration
  • Certification exam


  • Training Material prepared by Workshop Leader.
  • Certificate of Attendance.
  • Lunch and other Refreshments.
  • Complementary Access to All Patton SmartNode Product Line.



  • Each workshop has 12 seats.
  • For more delegates, workshop will be repeated asap.



  • USD 800 per participant.
  • Groups of 3 attract a special discount.
Download the Patton SmartNode Product Line Overview Download the Patton SmartNode Product Line Overview

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