Support Policy

Sitec provides technical support services to ensure our customers can install and maintain the products we sell. Sitec has put together a team of engineers with expertise in networking, Internet protocols, Voip standards, IP surveillance and product specific configuration to help customers succeed in setting up, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining all the products in Sitec’s portfolio within diverse scenarios.

Below are the support options offered by Sitec:

Free Support

Free Email support for 1 year for products purchased from Sitec is available to all customers and is offered as best effort.

E-mail support is available thru Sitec ticketing system. All trouble tickets have a response time of 1 to 3 business days and customers are responsible for reading the documentation pertinent to the product or case. All customers who purchased the product from Sitec and who do not subscribe to other types of support fall into this category.

Free email support includes: All correspondence will be via email once a case is created. Response time to cases within 24 business hours.


Technical Support Package (TSP-Installation)

This service is offered to Sitec customers as post-sales support service for installation and initial setup of a specific product that is purchased along with the TSP.

Since the support effort is different for each product, we have one TSP type per type of product that specifies cost and limits on number of hours and expiration from day of purchase.

This is the preferred support option for installation and initial setup of a product. A number of hours are bundled for a more cost effective package.

Terms: One-time payment. TSP has to be ordered along with the product. After TSP expires it is highly recommended to subscribe to SSA support for on-going support on a working system. Non-refundable

Sitec Support Agreement (SSA Support Subscription)

SSA is a low cost on-going support agreement that puts Sitec technical team at our partners disposition when a problem arises on the equipment avoiding per-incident, per-hour support fees.

Subscription services allow contacting SitecTechnical Support for all equipment purchased from Sitec during the subscription period and limited to Up to 3 hours in any given month. This offers peace of mind to customers’ who have equipment but do not have the expertise needed to maintain, and troubleshoot the purchased product.

Terms: Automated quarterly draft of Credit/Debit or Checking account. Minimum two Quarters. Thirty days notice is required to cancel as the charges are recurring. Non-refundable. Service starts after first payment is received.

Technical Support Package (TSP-hourly)

Technical support for troubleshooting, installing or configuring any product in Sitec’s portfolio purchased from Sitec or thru third party resellers. This service is offered to Sitec customers who do not have a support subscription or did not purchase the TSP along with the product and require full attention from a qualified technician.

Terms: One time payment. TSP-hourly have to be prepaid and if number of hours exceed what the customer contracted; he’ll be invoiced for the remaining time. The minimum billable period is 1 hour. After TSP-hourly expires the customer becomes eligible for SSA subscription for on-going support on a working system. Non-refundable.