Seamless integration of IP video doorphones with Skype for Business using Ferrari electronic & Linkcom

Ferrari Electronic entry control provides connection of video intercoms to Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync or ProCall including video display at the workstation.

Combined with Linkcom video doorphone users will enjoy a full solution to manage access without the necessity of running a separate application or device.

Ferrari electronic OfficeMaster EntryControl:

OfficeMaster EntryControl provides a single stream that contains audio and video from door intercom systems and cameras respectively. This stream is forwarded as a video call to the work station.

EntryControl is offered in two versions. Technical features and overall capability distinguish them from each other. Both versions, however, are licensed identically. Thus, no variations in product naming or pricing is needed.

Ferrari electronic OfficeMaster EntryControl Datasheet Ferrari electronic OfficeMaster EntryControl Datasheet

Linkcom SIP Doorphone:

The Slim IP cam door phone is designed for simple communication for companies as same as private houses. It uses standard SIP protocol and includes modern technology, overtime design and easy installation. The service is user friendly as well.

The Slim IP cam door phone includes 2 relays, POE and basic models are different just by using numerical keypad and wide angle color camera.

Linkcom SIP Doorphone Datasheet Linkcom SIP Doorphone Datasheet

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