Sennheiser interoperability with 3CX

We are happy to announce that Sennheiser has released a plugin for 3CX Phone enabling interoperability between Sennheiser USB headsets and 3CX’s 3CX Phone client for win-dows.

In many markets, there has been a high demand for Sennheiser interoperability with 3CX Phone from 3CX customers. 3CX’s market presence has grown significantly and Sennheiser are pleased to finally being able to meet this demand with the new plugin.

Earlier this month 3CX released v15 of the 3CX Phone and Sennheiser’s new plugin works with this version as well as with the former v14.
The new plugin offers a basic feature set (answer and end calls etc.), which is compatible with v14. This brings Sennheiser on par with our competitors and we are therefore fully ready to meet 3CX customers with this plugin.

The now released plugin is the first, but important step of Sennheiser interoperability with 3CX. 3CX Phone v15 is capable of handling more features than v14 and therefore Sennheiser will launch a second version of the 3CX Phone plugin with a feature set compatible with the possibilities offered in v15 later this year.

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