Smaller Cheaper 2-FXS SmartNode Gateway from Patton

patton 4112

The VoIP industry’s most reliable and highest quality product line just got a little bit better. Patton has recently re-designed the popular two-port SmartNode 4112 FXS gateway. Now featuring a smaller enclosure, Patton call the new version the SN4112S. (“S” stands for “small.”)

Original SN4112 (Rear) & New SN4112S (Front)

The current list price for the smaller new SN4112S/JS is now a bit lower than the old model SN4112/JS used to be. The best part of this news is that the new smaller form factor translates into an average 44% lower shipping costs!

A few other notes..
• The smaller model does not have a console port, so installers will use the SmartNode discovery tool for setup instead.

• The SN4112S provides the same hardware and software features and functions as the the SN4112/JS/EUI.

• The new model still provides a reset button.

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