Snom goes Applications with ‘Snom io’

Snom io is a VoIP industry changing platform that enables thousands of developers to create fully integrated applications into Snom’s io ready IP business telephones. means “Innovation – Output”

It is an applications platform consisting of a set of tools and guides to help developers create applications for the business world that operate on supported Snom ‘io’ capable professional desktop telephones with an installed base of millions of VoIP end-points in businesses and workplaces around the world.

Developers can publish their applications and extensions to the entire Snom community.

The platform will soon give developers the possibility to crowd-source software development, publish, share and mass deploy their application solutions to the entire Snom community of installers and users.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Snom io:

  • Create a custom address book by extracting the contacts from a company database
  • Develop an application implementing efficient hot-desking
  • Customize the phone’s internal menu
  • Create video applications
  • Program a completely customized PBX interaction (based on a SUBSCRIBE / NOTIFY mechanism)
  • Change the LED behavior of the phone
  • .. and basically, anything you can dream of!
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