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21 May

3CX Product Training – May 25, 2017

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23 Apr

Test Run the New 3CX v15.5 Alpha Today!

3CX has been hard at work readying a major new update – which bundles some great new features – and built on top of 3CX multi platform and proven core v15 architecture. Hence 3CX has named it 15.5...
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16 Apr

3CX Client for Android: New update available

3CX have just released a new update for the 3CX Client for Android. With this new update you can copy, paste and edit a number, increasing productivity and saving time for users. The PUSH notifications have been disabled..
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19 Dec

Discover what’s new in 3CX’s Partner Program

The 3CX Partner Program has been designed with the reseller in mind. The aim of the program is to supply 3CX Partners with the tools required to sell, manage and deploy 3CX products. It’s very straightforward and incen..
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10 Nov

Integrate Insightly CRM with 3CX PRO

3CX provides out of the box integration with Insightly. This integration allows showing the contact record or account record or lead record on inbound calls, create a new contact directly from the Insightly web interface..
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08 Sep

Latest 3CX v15 is fully compatible with all Snom IP Phones

Snom Supports the latest 3CX PBX Version 15 and its recent Service Pack 1, delivering Expanded Feature Sets and first Zero Admin PBX..
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29 Jun

Get Another Free 3CX License ahead of V15 Launch

he BETA release of 3CX v15 is available for download today! The final release is scheduled for the 6th of July, and we can’t wait. In this release we have included the new Windows client with a brand new interface. We ..
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11 May

How to install a complete VoIP System using a beroNet Appliance 2.0 and 3CX

In this tutorial we will cover how to build a complete VoIP system using the beroNet Telephony Appliance 2.0 and the IP-PBX system 3CX. We will cover how to install and configure these systems on the device, and then how..
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08 May

Successful 3CX Partner Training Event

We recently held the Successful 3CX Partner Training event in Sitec office – Dubai. Where the best techniques on deploying 3CX Phone System were discussed, along with great sales advice and tips. And was well attended..
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25 Apr

3CX Product Training – May 04, 2016

This training is open and free to all new or active 3CX Partners and is aimed at pre-sales and support technical personnel tasked with the responsibility of promoting, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting ..