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13 Sep

Conferencing independence from Snom

The Snom C520 is a modern and cost-effective conferencing solution for enterprises of any scale. Thanks to advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, the C520 is the perfect device for team conferencing and offers three cut..
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05 Mar

Snom Technology IP Phones Interoperable With Centile’s ISTRA Platform

In Snom Technology’s 20th anniversary year, four Snom IP desk phones been certified fully interoperable with Centile’ STRA platform, a multi-tenant cloud-based unified communications PBX for fixed-line operators...
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08 Nov

Snom Technology is becoming part of VTech Group

Snom Technology AG with its headquarters in Berlin, is the leading manufacturer worldwide of premium Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones for businesses. It is now to become part of the VTech Group, which has its head office ..
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13 Jul

BroadSoft and Snom Technology Introduce 100% OPEX Model for Cloud UC Services

New option enables customers to roll IP phone CAPEX costs into monthly BroadSoft service fee, reducing upfront investments and opening UC-One benefits to more businesses..
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01 May

Snom Releases the New D305 and D315

We are happy to announce the European Style Snom D305 and D315 from our ‘Euro 300’ series are now available. These entry level desk telephones deliver very high quality and functionality, whether on-premises or in ho..
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28 Apr

SITEC Upcoming Free Webinars – April, 2016

This is just a really quick line, to let you know that we are getting ready to host a load of webinars over this month: 3CX, ALLNET, Ferrari electronic, Polycom, SNOM Webinars..
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13 Mar

Discover the new Snom 2016 and the Roadmap

Sound design is an art form at Snom. It is at the core of our development, as we utilize some of the world's most advanced voice quality engineering tools..
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11 Jan

Discover the new Snom Blackline series & End of Sale Notice

The Snom 760, 720 and 710 will go out of sale and will be succeeded by our newest generation telephones, the D765, D725 and D710...
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09 Jul

Expansion Snom D7 with Skype for Business/Lync

Snom has released the D7 expansion module, which is compatible with Skype for Business & Lync...
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30 Apr

Designing IP Phones for Voice Quality

In the second of this week’s posts on designing IP phones SNOM Technology AG UK Marketing Manager Lesley Hansen explores the subject of designing IP phones for Voice Quality...