The SBA App from beroNet

When an office loses connection with an off-site telephone system, local telephones are unable to communicate with each other or the outside world.

beroNet’s SBA-App transforms a beroNet VoIP Gateway or Card into a Survival Branch Appliance, enabling the beroNet device to function as a local backup telephone system. With the SBA-App installed, local phones will continue to function when:

  • the main telephone system fails
  • the VPN/Internet connection to the main office is lost
  • the Internet connection to the hosted PBX is lost

In these situations, local phones are registered directly with the beroNet device, allowing them to continue communicating with each other and the outside world.

5-advantages-sba-webThe SBA-App was designed for branch offices with up to 20 users and is able to fulfill essential functions such as:

  • Users can call each other
  • Hold / Transferring Calls
  • Outgoing calls using SIP trunks or Gateway ports
  • Installation of call groups

The SBA-App is independent of the primary telephone system used.