Networks are becoming more and more important, whether for private households or businesses. The networks will be used for more than just transmitting data and will be integrated much deeper in our everyday life to offer more comfort and efficiency.

ALLNET product range shows different ways to master the challenges of the digital life and offer your customers new, innovative and sustainable products and solutions. You can use ALLNET products to install network infrastructures or to update and enhance existing infrastructures with useful functions. IP based solutions like video surveillance, building automation or wireless networks offer not only more comfort, but also an increase in security and energy efficiency.

The possibility of combining different devices via IP offers new synergies to improve the power of the network and offers new functionalities for the users. This allows transmitting data, voice, video and even the power needed to supply PoE compatible devices via a standard network cables. In addition to that you can control devices via LAN and e.g. switch light on and off or control the energy consumption. All functions use the network cable as common basis, which turns the network infrastructure into a powerful framework that can be accessed by all compatible devices. This reduces the total cost and expense for installation, administration and maintenance.

Additionally, ALLNET offers passive network components to protect and enhance the centerpiece of your network.

ALLNET portfolio contains everything needed for a reliable networks infrastructure. Starting from complex internet access solutions to patch cables and 19” switches with up to 48 ports or VPN solution for remote access – ALLNET provides everything you need for a scalable and reliable network infrastructure.

In addition to standard products ALLNET also offer special solutions, like VDSL2 via 2wire-line, Powerline data transmission via powerline or innovative tools to measure the power consumption.

Product includes:

  • IP Cameras
  • VDSL
  • Wifi
  • Powerline
  • Building Automation
  • NAS Systems
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Fast & Gigabit Ethernet & Server Networking Cards
  • Modems & Routers
  • Media Converters

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