CC4Skype offer customer care software for intuitive customer contact. CC4Skype solution is completely developed for and integrated with Skype for Business. Simple in implementation as well as in use and enriched with voice functionalities, not only for the customer contact branch but also for receptionists and operators. Professional ‘realtime’ and historical reports are included. The client, supervisor, operator and administration interfaces are designed from the users’ perspective. Because of the chosen development method, CC4Skype customer care solution for Skype for Business is trustworthy and scalable.

A complete customer care solution, with which you can lift the customer experience to a higher level. Communication is something that is in our nature; communicating and working intuitively comes first in the development of our solutions.

With CC4Skype solutions you add value to your Skype for Business environment.

Product includes:

  • Native Skype for Business
  • Customer Contact Expertise
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Cloud & On Premise
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