Two generations of experts in telephony and more particularly in PBX have propelled the idea of creating LINKCOM in 1996.

Manufacturer, LINKCOM takes its market share on the chessboard of the phone, and shares the Top Brands of its products through OEM.

Innovator, LINKCOM specializes in the development, production and sourcing of products in Telephony devices. (VoIP, Networking, SIP, M2M) LINKCOM offers the market a complete range of GSM Gateway, VoIP mobile convergence, Door Phone (VoIP) and M2M solutions in home automation, access control and security of goods and people.

The range LINKCOM is developed to be complementary to canufacturers and distributors of PABX and IP PBX.

Product includes:

  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • GSM Gateways
  • VoIP & Network

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