Webinar: Patton | Save money, gain security, Patton eSBC – Jan 26, 2017

The whole world is talking about All-IP and how quickly Service Providers will switch to this new technology letting the traditional TDM lines become obsolete.

Is your service provider offering an alternative to keep your existing TDM line? Do you need to buy or change anything to keep your service as it is?

Enterprise Session Border Controllers are the right device for this transition and also for already migrated All-IP scenarios. Probably you already heard it a lot of times but…

  • Do you really know why you need an eSBC?
  • Is an eSBC required or is it only a sales trick?
  • Do you really need more security?

Patton will provide you all answers to these questions and much more in a short but specific Webinar about Enterprise Session Border Controllers.

Join the webinar and see how eSBC`s can improve your business communication

Date: Thursday 26 January, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GST

2017/01/26 14:00:00
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