Yeastar Launches Its First Cloud Offering today – Yeastar Cloud PBX


Yeastar, a leading manufacturer of VoIP PBX systems and Gateways, today announced the launch of “Yeastar Cloud PBX”, its all-new cloud-based offering, bringing a powerful and profitable multi-instance hosted business voice solution to service providers and telecom resellers worldwide.

On the cusp of the cloud revolution, Yeastar has always been working to expand its capabilities from VoIP hardware into cloud-based telephony. Yeastar Cloud PBX is comprised of the powerful Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) and easy to deploy dedicated PBX instances, enhanced with rich functionality, superb scalability, and full mobility, enabling differentiated solutions for every type of opportunity.

Below are the key highlights of Yeastar Cloud PBX that make it a perfect fit for service providers and telecom re-sellers looking to tap into the growing cloud communications market.


  • As a central hub, YMP provides a quick, simple and hassle free setup as well as hands-on management of each PBX instance.
  • On-demand service delivery is made easy with Yeastar Cloud PBX, which allowing for scaling up or down the deployment in line with business need with a few clicks.
  • With a comprehensive set of enterprise grade communications features, Yeastar Cloud PBX is market-ready and capable of addressing customer demand irrespective of the company size.
  • As a BYOD-friendly solution, Yeastar Cloud PBX fully supports Linkus Mobile Client to eliminate geographical limitations. Employees can feel free to leave the desk and work on the go.
  • You make the call whether to run Yeastar Cloud PBX on an existing server using KVM or VMware, or self host it in the cloud services platforms.